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Wednesday Woodworks – custom sign

Our custom built mahogany sign carries TC Millwork ‘s signature stamp.  We took several weeks to come up with the perfect profile that would convey at first glance the craftmanship that went into not only the vintage style sign, but the beautiful villa behind those large white wooden gates.  This post also serves as the bearer of good news that fleurdelysvilla will once again be open to short term rentals and weddings starting the month of October!  Holidays will book fast, hurry to home away, our new listing site that makes credit card payments a breeze!  Also new for this season will be our bed and breakfast offerings! 

Youth Center Games Room makeover

Way back last November we started on freshening up the Games Room at the ECG Youth Centre.  The first step was teaching a tie-dye class.  Then after the holidays we needed one more class to have enough materials to start recovering all of the task chairs that had gotten very worn over the last year. This brough us all the way up until May, so many kids worked diligently to get to the photo you see below.
Next up we Decoupaged the tops of the pair of games tables.  They went from worn white to the explosion of color, shape, and vibrance you see below:
Our final step is to get some new art on the walls.  Assistant director, Charrish Ferguson has taugh a scratch art classes and we decided to make a bold display with several of the finished pieces.  Our shooting star design will be hung on the wall just as soon as we can find some sticky tack!  Great job to all my students who participated!

Beach Monitoring of Bleach Bottles

Last month I started seeing loads of bleach bottles washed up on Longbay beach.  I posted a message on the TCI Environmental Club and Rubbish Runners facebook pages, inquiring if others had been encountering the same issue.  The responses came pouring in.  I decided to take a count of the finds for the month of July.  The above photo was found my first week, tally of approximately one dozen bleach bottles, 1 vinegar bottle, and 3 unknown squeeze bottles.  As of yesterday, here is what that original list grew to:
Approximately one dozen large bleach bottles, 31 large squeeze bottles, 8 smaller sized squeeze bottles, 7 vinegar squeeze bottles, and 2 mystery squeeze bottles.  Grand total of over 50 bottles of bleach.  Frightening considering these were all removed from a small stretch, roughly 3 miles, of shoreline in Longbay.  Imagine how many must be washing up all over Providenciales?  Over Middle, North, South and the entire Turks and Caicos.  Imagine the huge quantities that must be floating up on shores all over the Caribbean.  Although the vast majority of these bottles are labeled in Spanish, there is no telling where they came from and what they were used for.  One can only hope that they were not used illegally for catching lobsters, or otherwise leached into our oceans.  Nearly ten years ago the DECR began to combat this practice locally with a 2002 Memorandum of Understanding with the SFS-CRMS.  The School of Field Studies developed a portable test kit in 2005 to be able to detect the use of bleach using a swab test (please read the entire article here).  This year the DECR implemented a delay of lobster season to September, hoping to allow stocks more time to recover from shrinking numbers over the last few years.  If these found bleach bottles are indeed being used illegally, that amendment will be virtually powerless against this awful practice.  If you find bleach bottles here in the Turks and Caicos, please contact the DECR to report your findings.

British Invasion: Union Jack trend

Collage from one of my new favorite blogs boho circus
I have been running into the union jack icon everywhere in the blogging network as of late.  I have unabashedly been collecting inspirations from here and there for the last few months.
above images from weheartit

Living in a British territory, we dwellers in the Turks and Caicos definitely have license to apply this trend!  This Caribbean porch was certainly succesful so why not?
I have been been meaning to get to my handpainted rug project started since last May, inspired by the fab photo above.  All of the above images could be great starting points for various projects but when I saw this:
I gasped as soon as I laid eyes on it! Less than 24 hours later I was busy transforming this $20 thrift shop purchased jute rug from used and abused to jolly jim dandy.
Can’t wait until I have a beachy white room to lay it out in!