Youth Center Games Room makeover

Way back last November we started on freshening up the Games Room at the ECG Youth Centre.  The first step was teaching a tie-dye class.  Then after the holidays we needed one more class to have enough materials to start recovering all of the task chairs that had gotten very worn over the last year. This brough us all the way up until May, so many kids worked diligently to get to the photo you see below.
Next up we Decoupaged the tops of the pair of games tables.  They went from worn white to the explosion of color, shape, and vibrance you see below:
Our final step is to get some new art on the walls.  Assistant director, Charrish Ferguson has taugh a scratch art classes and we decided to make a bold display with several of the finished pieces.  Our shooting star design will be hung on the wall just as soon as we can find some sticky tack!  Great job to all my students who participated!

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