2010 year in review

Greatest Joy – surrounded on all sides by friends and family for this momentous occasion

Constant Creative Challenge– starting, maintaining, and directing the future of this blog
Favorite Quote
Greatest Self Discovery– visiting my ancestral heritage and deciding to keep the last name I always thought I would lose.
Biggest Before and After – tis the reason, we’ve worked all season . . . coming soon!

Wisest Purchase – out with the old (a leaky, creaky ’92Toyota Surf) and in with the older! ( ’91 Landcruiser that spent the lonely last 6 years in a garage, hence the 35,000km)

Favorite work– styling for Tropical Imaging

Most Influential Films
please see conscious media network for these and many more

Strongest Desire – a healthier world. Please watch the above films, please saturate this infomation into your life,  please spread the word.

Saddest Goodbyes –
Cecil Aspiros-Gaudet was lost to cancer.  All the cigerette addicts out there, please stop smoking for your own health and the for the health of those around you.
Arthur Arnt was also lost to cancer, most likely caused by Agent Orange exposure in the Vietnam War.  Please educate yourselves on all the casualties of war, take a stand for a peaceful world.
Craig Shirley, 23 years old, was lost to a snowboarding accident.  For all the mountain riders out there, please wear helmets and encourage others to do so, it could save a life.
Tico the Thompson’s Cove Dog – A Canadian black wolf dog, abandoned in the late 90’s by his dive instructor owner who left the island.  Tico lived at the Moyer’s residence, looked after some years very well by various renters, some years not at all.  After an aggressive pack of dogs moved into his territory, Tico wandered down the road looking for new caretaker’s.  Luckily he found the Lawson’s whose children took a shining to him even in his advanced age.  He spent his last year deaf and mostly blind but with company of a pair of potcakes and a family.  When I heard he was on his last leg I went to pay my final respects, perhaps only a day too late.  I’m sorry I missed you Tico, you were an angel and were well loved by many!

Take a moment to say goodbye to all you may have lost in 2010, to be thankful for all the blessings, and the burdens, you were lucky enough to experience within the last year.  Then move on to wishful thinking:

Goals for 2011!
We are at long last prepared to pass along our first dreamhouse so we can begin anew:
Get the TCI Rubbish Runner’s club up and running!
Start a TC Millwork reclaimed and driftwood collection
Take our compost and fruit and vegetable garden to the next level!
What are your goals for the coming year?  Whatever they may be, I hope you accomplish them.  Cheers to the last evening of 2010, may it be festive and a pleasant welcome to the new year!

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