Wednesday Woodworks – Spiral staircases

Image via remodelista 
Any woodworker can appreciate the craftmanship required to build a spiral staircase. Here are a few examples where imagination has equaled mathematical precision.   Have you ever laid eyes on anything quite like the above?  I want to get my hands on this book desperately, can only imagine what deliciousness is featured on the inside if this beauty that graces the cover!
Image via greige design
Another great example of clever craftmanship on this industrial staircase. I love all the visible grain and rich color. perfect for this space.
Image via desdemventana
And last but not least, a very traditional narrow spiral staircase, cozily nestled in amongst a bevy of woodworks; wide planked flooring, rustic cabinetry, hallway paneling, all the way to the front door.

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