Wednesday Woodworks – Shutters

  Hurricane Irene is upon us in Turks and Caicos at this very moment (so I just may post this a little early in case we lose power).  Those living in her path who have spent the day boarding up their homes and/or businesses are most likely completely exhausted at this point in time, hoping and praying their plywood holds up to 100-150 mile per hour winds.  Those of us who have invested in shutters have spent minutes versus hours making certain our doors and windows are secure and will a sleep a little more at ease knowing at least that particular aspect is one less thing to worry about.  If you live in the Turks and Caicos and have had it with your first, or fiftieth, brutal boarding up, it’s time to call TC Millwork to custom build wood shutters that will make your residence or business more charming AND your life much easier come next hurricane season.  Those who are still preparing, please see this handy  checklist.  Those of you who have already had Irene pass, congrats, and those of us who are still in the middle of it, good night and good luck!


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