Wednesday Woodworks – Glazed Kitchen Cabinetry Request

  TC Millwork has a potential client who is looking to turn their dark cherry colored kitchen into a lighter and brighter look more appropriate for their oceanside location.  The couple was swayed after seeing a friends recently completed kitchen refinish. Realising the dramatic before and afters, they have had a hard time escaping the now seeded idea.  Luckily for us, their original cabinetry is of superior wood quality and craftsmanship so refinishing will be an easily warrantied work.  They know they would like a glazed look so here are a few samples and suggestions to help them decide which direction they may like to go.
Image from here
The process of glazing is summarized by the above photo.  The quantity and the color combination are the two variants that need to be decided when going with a glazed look.

Image from houseofturquoise
The above kitchen features a very light glaze over an off-white lacquer.
This image features a custom built TC Millwork kitchen with a moderate glaze over an ivory lacquer
The final image demonstrates a heavy glaze.  Clients must keep in mind the more ornamental details a kitchen has such as brackets, mouldings, columns, corbels, spindles, onlays, scrolls, or rosettes, the heavier the glaze will appear. 
Once a light, moderate, or heavy glaze has been decided upon, the second factor to consider is the color combination of the glaze with the color of the cabinetry lacquer.  Both can be customized.  Commonly colors in the brown glaze family are paired with ivory finishes.  A new popular trend has been a charcoal glaze over a white finish. 

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