Wed Day- JP and Michelle

  Today will mark the last Wed Day you will see here on pepper & pikey.  I will now be collaborating with Teresa Brunner of tropicaldmc on her very own blog (stay tuned for the web adress!)  which will profile all the many weddings and events she coordinates flawlessly (and many that I decorate and style for).  To go out with a bang, here is a lovely little wedding we did last year.

All images by Diana M. Lott photography
“Taken” was big theme within this wedding, an adorable reference to JP’s genius grandfather who wore a necklace that read just that to ward off other women.  Smart man, grooms take note!  

These two had a very carefree, laid back vibe about them, which was a very good characteristic given their wedding day.  The tropicaldmc team finished setting bright white paper lanterns draped elegantly over the pool and such was the sight that we all had to stand back and admire how gorgeous they looked at this Long Bay location.  I remember wishing I had my camera to take a few shots as the sky was this brilliant shade of blue that framed the paper lanterns just perfectly with the turquoise pool in the foreground and the beach in the background.  Unfortunately there wasn’t time.  We left in a hurry to pick up flowers and a few other supplies and received the call.. . . the call you never want to receive on a wedding day.  RAIN!  Lots of rain that came fast and furious and with virtually no warning!  We rushed back to the property to find all those lovely white paper lanterns soggy, torn, and flopping on the strand of lights.  It was a sight that nearly made us all weep.  There would not be time to hang more.  I quickly put the ladder in the pool and raced to get all the evidence out of sight before the guests arrived.  The family must have had a good laugh at me fully clothed in the pool, struggling with the ladder, cutting down what was left. 
I reluctantly went into the kitchen and was met with Michelle’s saddened face peering out the window.  She was such a trooper, I saw not one tear fall!  It was a terrible shame that mischevious rain wiped out those poor paper lanterns, but these two could not be dampened by mother nature’s curve ball.
They had done so much with all the little DIY details.
They put on their smiles and had the best time regardless!  Brides and grooms should all make that decision before the big day that, no matter what happens, enjoy it to the fullest and take every moment as a blessing.
JP and Michelle, not only are you a special couple, you were model clients that handled your day with such poise.  Thank you so much for your adaptability.  We know you two are able to weather any storm, big or small, and hope to see you back in the Turks and Caicos to celebrate your 50th wedding anniversary!
Their invitations mimicked boarding passes, great idea for a destination wedding!
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