Tie Dye Class at ECGYC

All images by pepperkeystacie

Last Saturday morning I had a dozen boys attend my tie dye class at the Edward C. Gartland Youth Center.  We had a pair of white cotton curtain panels donated by the Taylor family, which we then cut into sections which will later be sewn into chair covers for the games room.  Each student had one to two piecess to twist, fold, and manipulate into their unique design.  Once all the pieces were wrapped and secured with rubber bands we put on our gloves and got started with the dying.  Each color was soaked for 5 minutes before moving onto the next.  Once finished, each piece was wrapped in a plastic bag and left in the sun for two days to fully saturate the dye into the fabric.  On Monday, just before closing, I had one faithful student Marc waiting to see how his creation turned out.  He helped me unwrap each of the pieces, rinse them in cold water, and hang them to dry.  What a kaleidoscope display we left on the line; great job to all the participants!  Stay tuned for part two of this class.  If you want to have your own tie dye fun on Provo, visit Nell’s gift shop for a small selection of boxed dyes.

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