Thinking Green on St Patrick’s Day

I love this anti-littering logo that was announced at the National Litter Convention in London last December.  Keep Britain Tidy and Defra certainly hit the nail on the head with this genius little image!  Simple, straightforward, and relevant all over the world. I stumbled across it while gathering inspiration/ideas for TCI Rubbish Runners.  That’s right, the club is now official (if a  facebook page counts) and we are looking for more members.  Please make a pledge to lift litter and join us to keep TCI “beautiful by nature.”
Another group making great efforts to keep TCI green is the Campaign to Ban Single Use Plastic Bags in the Turks and Caicos.  A small group of the Environmental Club Members met on Tuesday to discuss an initiative to create awareness about the dangers of plastic bags.  A message from member Lynn Robinson
 “How many plastic bags have you used today??….take a good hard look the next time you are at the grocery store and imagine where all those bags will end up….on the beautiful beaches, polluting the oceans, killing marine life, killing birds, caught up in the vegetation…’s time to change the way we live and start treating this planet with the respect it deserves….Mother Nature is starting to fight back. With everyone’s help, one day the Turks and Caicos Islands could be free of the single use plastic bag (and hopefully other single use items such as bottles, plates, cutlery). Please remember to take your reusable bag to the grocery store and encourage others to do the same. Turks &; Caicos, Beautiful by Nature, Clean and Green by Choice…..only with your help”
    So cheers to TCI’s two new green thinking groups!  If you are having a beer tonight to celebrate St. Pattie’s, please make certain you recycle your bottles! 

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