Recycling in Turks and Caicos!!!

  It’s true; the good news is spreading to all who live and visit here in the Turks and Caicos Islands.  After many years of hoping, wishing, and wanting,  this country has taken a giant step forward towards going green.  Our thanks is owed to TCI Waste Disposal, and largely Samer and Ramez Hakoura who started this company two years ago with this goal at the forefront of their vision.  Their services up until recently included providing residential and commercial trash pick-up and disposal services, twice weekly, with modern technological advances including a GPS tracking system and a fleet of brand new trucks.  As of October 25th, the provided 96 gallon green and yellow bin is now accompanied by a second blue bin for recycling, both of which the company deodorizes and disinfects regularly.  The $1.5 million recycling plant will process glass on site, crushing everything from beer bottles to mason jars, into fine particles which will be used locally as a paving aggregate.  All other recyclables, clear plastic drinking bottles (look for a numeral 1 on the bottom), corrugated cardboard (anything that has not been coated in plastic), and aluminum cans (think soda cans not steel soup cans) will be shipped to the US for processing.   Please do your part, sign up for service by calling 649.941.2411, or e-mail  If your visiting, ask your villa, hotel, and the restaurants your frequenting if they are participating, and if not, when they will be.  Our immense gratitude goes out to these two entrepreneurial brothers, superhero’s in my book, who have turned this challenging but noble dream into a reality for all of us to benefit from.   All the more impressive when one considers that with a population of a small Caribbean island, the profitability of a production such as this is not expected to see returns for many years.

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