Longbay Beach Barn

The Longbay Beach Barn sits on a .93 acre lot on Cheshire Hall Circle.  Built by TC Millwork in 2010, the 40′ x 60′ 2,400 square foot building has been designed to be multipurpose.  There are three 20′ x 40′, 800 square foot bays separated by solid wood tongue and groove framed walls and oversize sliding barn style doors. 

The first bay has been utilized as the great room, featuring a kitchen and both living and dining areas.  Solid mahogany 9’6″ tall bi-fold doors, spanning 12′, open out to the surrounding nature.

 A temporary subdivision within the first bay sections off a bedroom, bathroom, and laundry for privacy.

The second bay currently is utilized as guest quarters and an art studio.

The third bay currently acts as a garage however, with this much open space (you must see in person to grasp), this bay, as well as the others, could serve a wide variety of fantastic purposes; a unique and charming residence, a kiteboarding/windsurfing eco-lodge, a hobby/art/yoga studio, a private workshop, a luxury car/boat collection storage, or even the ultimate industrial cool bachelor pad.

The framework is solid steel, rated for 160mph winds.  The roofing consists of Long Span III 26 gauge steel 36″reinforced rib panels, which means the beach barn will be a safe haven during hurricane seasons to come.  With the heavy rains of the 2010 and 2011 seasons, not an inch of water entered thanks to an additional 6′ of fill compacted on the property before the foundation was laid. There is insulation throughout the ceiling and within the sub floor to the unfinished loft space, which could easily be turned into an incredible attic apartment.

For the eco minded, the building is outfitted with large gutters and drainpipes which feed a 15,000 gallon cistern for collection of rain water.  Even during the dry seasons, this cistern has yet to run empty, saving thousands of dollars in water usage.  The building orientation was placed to maximize the trade-winds; the side and rear 9′ tall custom entrance doors and 6′ x 6′ large operational louvered windows (painted white cypress), create an amazing airflow which keep the space cool even in the hottest August or September months.

One of the many highlights of the property is the picturesque footpath/nature trail to the beach.  This 12′ wide easement, one of many public beach accesses within the Longbay Hills subdivision, borders the eastern property line.  There is a small private pathway to the trail from the property, which is a swift seven minute walk to the beach.  The footpath is framed by native stones and features many of the diverse indigenous plant, flower, and tree species indicative of our rare Dry Tropical Forest.

Camille from Provo Ponies on a horseback ride on the nature trail.
 At the end of the nature trail one arrives at this serene and uncrowded beach.
“Long Bay Beach is a large stretch of coastline on the south shore, with beautiful white sands and hardly any visitors. The water is warmer on this side and the waves are shallow and calm, providing excellent swimming opportunities.  Vacationers who are hoping for a taste of seclusion in Turks and Caicos could find that Long Bay Beach suits them perfectly.  Travelers may want to keep in mind that despite Long Bay Beach’s lack of seclusion , it is also one of Turks and Caicos’ beaches furthest from the crowds . This makes it an excellent choice for families and groups of friends that would prefer a bit of activity at the beach but choose to avoid the crowds.”
Text from here 
Longbay Beach is also world famous in the sport of kiteboarding.  SBC Kiteboard Magazine describes it as, “Waist-deep for miles; side-on-wind; flat water; best spot to ride freestyle and freeride.”
 Above two images by Federico Bigazzi

At $325,000 the Longbay Beach Barn is an incredible square footage value for the price.  This additionally includes all plans for a future main house on the peak section of the property.  Please see the listing on tcrea #1200165

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