Jennifer Maude Purse Party

Yesterday I attended a fabulous party hosted by Jennifer Maude, an island artist and friend of mine.  Mrs Maude is oh so talented and as versatile as she is stylish.  Her paintings are contemporary; typically incorporating graphics such as text, damask, or floral pattern into her depictions.  Her series of island portraits of the Turks and Caicos common laborer are my personal favorites, the juxtaposition of such detailed facial features on the men sternly standing in their dreamlike other world backgrounds.  But she doesn’t stop at paintings, Jen creates jewelry, a line of eco friendly bath and beauty products, handpainted cards and stationary sets, and last but not least the highlight of the party, bohemian chic handbags.  I adore her latest retro marketing campaign, please see more on facebook.

Photographs of the Purse Party at Jen’s studio at One Lofts by Pepper Key Stacie
If the above has not sold you on a one of a kind DIY handbag, please read below to see how affordable her creations are.  You may find a selection of Jen’s work or catch one of her life drawing classes at Re*Store

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