Framing Grace Gallery

Image by Pepper Key Stacie
Hands holding blossom painting by Jen Maude, monstera leaf duo by Pepper Key Stacie
Framing Grace is the Turks and Caicos Islands newest gallery, a delicious little haven set in the fringe of the shopping district on Providenciales, just opposite Sunshine Nursery in the lovely Grace Bay Court.  Upon a browse inside one would find a sprinkling of antiques and handcrafted jewelry, as well as an impressive selection of paintings, photography, and prints from local and international artists.  But Framing Grace isn’t just a gallery; beyond the interior wooden arched door lies the framing workshop, the bones of the business.  If you are a home, condominium, or resort owner in the islands desiring to embellish your space, Framing Grace is the place to select the art that suits it best, and then custom design the way in which you choose to present it on your walls.   The adorable proprietor, Joelle Behlmaier, took a few minutes to chat with me
PKS:Where are you from?
JB:Annapolis, Maryland, US

PKS: How did you first become introduced to the Turks and Caicos Islands?
JB: Summer of 1992, School for Field Studies, South Caicos

PKS: Wow!  What was that experience like and what was the lasting impression?
JB: Spent the summer marine mapping for the fisheries department.  Diving the pristine waters completely spoiled all future diving experiences, creating a yearning to return to such an amazingly beautiful paradise.  I am super excited to start diving again, this time with my 15 year old daughter who will be certified next week.

PKS: What or who influenced your move to the TCI?
JB: I am an island girl at heart!

PKS: Has your career always included the arts?
JB: Always! I love making things beautiful whether it be a piece of paper, canvas, furniture, a room, or an entire home…

PKS: Who is your favorite artist or favorite artist of the moment?
JB: Stacie Steensland Gaudet of course, I am patiently waiting for her latest to enter the gallery.

PKS: Awesome answer but which artist would you dream about having a piece of work hanging in the gallery or in your home, in an ideal world?
JB: I would love to have “Almond Blossom” by Van Gogh, painted to welcome the birth of his nephew, hanging over a soaking tub in my master bath.

Vincent van Gogh’s Almond Blossom (oil on canvas,29×36-1/4 inches) hangs in Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum.  Image from

PKS: What is your favorite medium?
JB: Oils, I love texture

PKS: What do you like best about the Framing Grace business?
JB: I love to see the finished product, especially a piece of child’s art beautifully matted and framed into a piece that anyone, not just the parent, would adorn.

PKS: What aspect do you appreciate the most about living in the Turks and Caicos Islands?
JB: The ease of living allows for much more time to spend with my children.

I encourage everyone to visit the gallery and have their own chat with Joelle!  Summer Hours Monday Friday 12-2pm or by appointment 649.333.1339

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