Fleur de Lys Villa Fourth Bedroom

As of September first, Fleur de Lys Villa is officially welcoming short term bookings!  Due to several inquiries for parties of 8 for the coming season, we decided a fourth bedroom was in order.  Last September we upgraded the guest wing by adding insulation in the roof and painting the ceilings bright white, see the before photos here.   Now, one year later, this bedroom has undergone another purely decorative transformation; from cool blues and fiery corals to a more neutral color palette synonymous with the rest of the villa.
I wanted this room to have a nautical feel; the map of the Caribbean in the corner, a framed photo of the Old Third Turtle, pieces of driftwood.
The guest wing bedrooms are full of soft light with doors and shuttered windows open; views of the courtyard while relaxing in bed.
This mirror will eventually be cladded with driftwood pieces, my collection is just not large enough yet to get the job done.
This rustic, honey colored bedroom set was an acquisition from one of our renovation clients who replaced it with a more modern look; the craftsmanship alone was reason to save it but I knew we would eventually find a cozy spot for it. The pillows were a recycled sweater project.
Straw hats have a long history in the Turks and Caicos; “handmade wide-brim straw hats, made from the dried leaves of the Silver Top Palm, were worn to provide protection from the sun . . . (straw hats) completed the outfit, providing shade from the burning sun on fishing boats and while raking salt in the ponds or picking cotton and sisal on the plantations ”  From David Bowen, TCI’s Cultural Director, article dressing-up-the-islands-the-story-behind-the-national-costume.  Today, straw hats are still as relevant as ever in the Caribbean, whether useful at work or stylish at play.  To find a handmade hat made by local artisans, please visit the Middle Caicos Co-Op.  To see more nautical and creative inspirations on decorating with straw hats, please see thewickerhouse.blogspot.
The breezy bright white, cool turquoise blues, and coral decor weaved their way from the room above, to the more appropriate poolside studio.  This bedroom is it’s own little cottage, separate from the rest of the villa, so the playful style and cheerful hues feel more at home here.
The coral cushion covers were a project I did several years ago, they took months to tediously hand sew the beads, making me realise that crafts like embroidery are just not for me!
The evidence of the cottages former use as an art studio still remains intact; local art, crafts, and beach combing finds remain on display.  Villa guests will be able to purchase some of the shadowboxes, jewelry, and trinkets.
Villa guests will have the opportunity to choose which of the four bedrooms best suits each person or couple.  Which room would be your pick; Master Suite, this guest bedroom, the room above, or the cottage? 

Fleur de Lys Villa follows the above mantra; in our inviting atmosphere and gardens, in our relationships with our guests, and in our love and respect for the islands.  Isn’t it time you took some R & R in Turks and Caicos to “make life pretty” too?

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