ECGYC Summer Success and Start of School

Rigal watching my demonstration, anxious to get his hands on the stapler and screwgun!
Way back last November we started the long process of sprucing up the Games Room at the ECGyouthcentre.  The process began with tie-dye-classes, which were followed by weeks and weeks of reupholstering and sewing classes in which we recovered ALL of the task chairs with our bright and beautiful dyed creations.
Next we decoupaged the two games table (shown center above) tops with pictures from the ECGYC and magazine imagery.  Now the well worn white finish looks like this:
And lastly we created a scratch art display to hang on the walls.

I think everyone was happy with the results and oh-so-ready to put the major undertaking behind us!   Now that the school year has started, Programs Director and all around artsy amazing, Charrish Ferguson, and I have started the fall class schedule.  First up- Rock Painting!
Our supplies and a pair of Charrish’s ultra cool rock critters to act as samples
Students Rigal, Laquisha, Sabeen, Lucendi, Houda, Yandely, and Shanica getting started.
Sabeen’s butterfly
Laquisha putting the finishing touches on her fish
Our critters crammed in our paper mache bowl for a group photo!  Houda even painted her paper plate!  Great job everyone, this class literally ROCKED!

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