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Blue Haven Shoot with Matt Dutile

BH Wedding

In November of 2013 I produced, cast, and styled for a photo shoot for the recently revamped Blue Haven Resort.  Travel photographer Matt Dutile was wowed by our waters, impressive flattery from a man who literally been all over the world!  We used some of our local modeling talent for this shoot, and as you can see we have some super smiles available locally!  Big thanks to Matt and the Blue Haven team for all of their assistance, this shoot was filled with fun.

MDP_4064 MDP_4078 MDP_4128 MDP_4162 MDP_4193 MDP_4214 MDP_4219 MDP_4260 MDP_4298 MDP_4324 MDP_4415 MDP_4449 MDP_4469Blue Haven firepit photo styling by Stacie Steensland Blue Haven photo styling by Stacie Steensland Blue Haven pool Blue Haven styling by Stacie Steensland Blue Haven volleyball

Ocean Club Shoot 2013


Tropical Imaging and I look forward every year to our annual Ocean Club Shoot.  I love the clubs, the management, the staff, the marketing team.  You just don’t find nicer or more genuine people than at these two long standing resorts.

oceanclub13_0537 oceanclub13_0445

Instead of shooting a majority of room interiors per usual, this year we focused on marketing the resort lifestyle.  I cast all local talent, many of them friends, so we had a great deal of fun over these few days in early August.



oceanclub13_0230 oceanclub13_0259 oceanclub13_0114


oceanclub13_0034 oceanclub13_0333OC


2013 oclub

2013 oc

oceanclub13_0504 oceanclub13_0475


oceanclub13_0463 oceanclub13_0398




We had a few real families, pairs of siblings, and a pair of professional models, Kazz Forbes and Washande Registre. We have some amazing smiles right here on Provo!

oceanclub13_0201 oceanclub13_0045




oceanclub13_0145OceanC 2013

Many thanks to all who participated in this shoot, especially Ocean Clubs kind staff who consistently go above and beyond the call of duty to meet our requests.  I’ll sign off with a rare behind the scenes shot that demonstrates modeling isn’t always fun and games (but it should be)!


Brilliant’s New Brilliant Website

Image via brilliant
You must head on over to Brilliant’s new website, it’s full of color, creativity, and Caribbean cool and I’m not just talking about the imagery!  I have the pleasure of styling for this team frequently so I am thrilled to share the showcase of their incredible talent.  Bravo to Brilliant and kudos to the awesome design duo behind redmetyellow whose delightful web wonder work makes the internet such an inspiring place to visit!  

Wedding Shoot Inspiration Boards

Well Read Rustic Concept Wedding Inspiration

 Here are a few lovely little inspiration boards I created for an upcoming project I will be collaborating with brilliant on.  Last November Brilliant welcomed two new members to their team of talented photographers; South African born Chanelle and Craig of Segerius-Bruce Photography.  This couple, who clearly have a penchant for travel, have spent the last dozen years perfecting their craft in the UK and beyond.  Chanelle comes from a freelance retouching and graphic design background, working for such clients as the renowned  Mario Testino.  Their skills speak for themselves when you see their work.  I am thrilled they have packed their bags and moved to the Turks and Caicos Islands and am delighted that we will be working together on upcoming photo shoots, both real and  . . . . well, wonderfully realized until some adoring couple breathes life of their own into them!
Caribbean Boheme Concept Wedding Inspiration
 We hope that these shoots will inspire our clients to let their imaginations run wild when it comes to individualizing their weddings.  The Turks and Caicos Islands have so much more beauty and enchantment to offer couples than our stunning beaches and blue water.  We will be highlighting some of these lesser known gems in terms of locations, local flora and fruits, themes and ideas that reveal the many facets of these islands.

Row to Romance Concept Wedding Inspiration

Special Announcement

Lovely photos by brilliant
In early December I styled for a photo shoot that I had been conceptualizing since September (literally).  The client; one tough cookie and hard critic.  Yup . . . . ME.
It’s pretty much impossible to style AND be the subject simultaneously, but thanks to our brilliant photographer Andy, the ideas and inspirations leapt to life through his lense.
I pulled out my props and set the scene and then promptly laid down on the job while Andy did all the work.  I am sure he enjoyed not having to share his viewfinder with me! 
Can’t thank him enough, this shoot was loads of laughs.  As I am not a huge fan of posting personal photos, I’ll let the readers who have interest head on over to brilliants blog post to see and read more!