Black History Month at the ECGYC

The ECGYC has had a busy last four weeks celebrating  black-history-month.  In my arts and crafts class last Thursday we created these helpful hand reminders featuring inspirational messages meant to keep this months celebration in mind all year long.
The culmination of all the activities ended in a performance last Saturday evening at the ECGYC.  The opening national anthem was sung by Bernice Brown, followed by a beautiful Whitney Houston tribute, “The Greatest Love Of All,” she delivered beautifully.
Three dancers from the Bowen Dance Academy performed a lovely piece that combined African, modern, and classic styles.

Following were the youth center dancers performing a high energy piece with Caribbean flair.

Guy Talk is a great program that started at the center last fall.  These two gentleman performed two different rap/poetry/written word pieces, one written free style just before show time!

Qwan Ki Do instructor and ECGYC volunteer Paul Ciurar then did a demonstration of the mixed martial art with his students, showing self defense tactics to the audience. 

The Drama Club then took the stage for a robust spoken word performance.
Drama Club leader/volunteer Alexis cheered her girls on from the sidelines then stepped up for her own incredible solo.  I have known Alexis for years and had no idea she was such a gifted writer and performer.  Her speech was insightful, humorous, honest, and full of soul.  Bravo Alexis!!!

The ECGYC dancers then took center stage to perform their very own choreographed Waka-Waka dance.

 The grand finale was executed by the fashion club, a popular program initiated by local fashion designer Kazz Forbes.
One of the activities for the students was to take a plain white t-shirt and re-envision it, make their own creative statement with something so seemingly simple.

Each of the girls got to strut their stuff in their design, as you can see, each one having unique detail.

Big thanks to all the kids who participated, all the generous volunteers who donate their time to TCI youth, and most of all for directors Charrish and Roxann for their tireless dedication and energy.

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