Art from the Islands – David Gallardo

David Gallardo moved to the Turks and Caicos Islands from his native Barcelona in 1999.  As a professional photographer for brilliant and tropicalimaging he has been capturing the people, places, and natural beauty of this country for over a decade.  I have had the pleasure of working with David on many projects and am very pleased to share a small taste of his varied work here on P & P. 

As a professional underwater photographer/scuba diver David has produced some of the most vivid, incredible marine biodiversity images of what lies beneath our waves.  Please visit worldofoceans to see more.

His love of travel has brought him to many exotic places; Galapagos Islands, Red Sea, Indonesia, and beyond but most of my favorite images are from right here at home (as pictured above), or from our close neighbors such as Cuba  and French Cay (as pictured below).

Aplogies for being incredibly tardy the last few weeks in posting, has been a very busy time for tcmillwork but we hope to share plenty of great news soon!

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