Art classes at the ECG Youth Center

All images by pepperkeystacie
This week I taught a couple of drawing classes at the ECG Youth Center.  On Mondays class my students learned about the different types of light and which types are best when drawing still life’s.  Each student drew a sphere and began shading techniques to create dimension and realism.  The kids excitement factor of our subject matter was nearly nonexistent so I decided Wednesday’s class we would move on from inanimate objects to drawing correct facial proportions.  This time we had some giggles, many questions, and loads of determination.  The majority of the students really took their time, pencils and erasers working diligently to get lines just right.  After all their hard work, we ended the class with a quick and fun paper plate drawing for one of the directors, Nikita.  I love how varied, colorful and carefree these turned out.
If you are in the TCI and have some spare time to volunteer, please call directors Nikita or Roxanne Wake-Forbes on 649.332.9605.

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