A Caribbean Courtyard Reception

After kicking off our shoes and enjoying the chance to feel like kids again (complete with games and snacks) the sinking of the sun signaled it was time to head back to the villa for the reception. I thought the evening couldn’t get more beautiful than that beachside sunset, but the welcoming first sight of over 100 lanterns sparkling in the courtyard trees truly took my breath away. I couldn’t help but take a walkabout to just marvel in the atmosphere; the first glimpse of the cake that was more beautiful than I imagined, the tables bursting with green foliage as if they had grown right into the garden. All of the time spent dreaming up the details became worthwhile in that moment.
A suggestion of our planner Teresa was to sit at a dinner table for just the two of us, to take a moment of private celebration and conversation. I’m certain we will look back on that meal with great fondness, not only being surrounded by divine food and wine, but centered around our nearest and dearest. We had a panaramic view of each and every guest which was more endearing than words can possibly describe.

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