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Ocean Club Photo Shoot

  It’s been a summer full of photo styling for Tropical Imaging.  One of our first projects was a photo and video shoot for Ocean Club.  Many of the images on their website and posted on trip advisor were outdated and did not reflect both their original, and west locations, remodeling efforts.  It was time for out with the old . . .

before image from their website
and in with the new . . . . 
Much improved wouldn’t you say!  As you can see it was an extensive shoot that covered both properties inside and out.  Spending as much time as I did there, I was very impressed with the staff, especially Ron and managing director Tom Lewis.  The team went out of their way to assist us in our needs, even treating us to some fantastic meals at the Seaside Cafe and Cabana Bar and Grille.  This is someplace I would highly recommend for travelers. Check out their Do Nothing List posted under activities.  Check out the video here

Indian Kitchen

  We managed to have a proper Saturday this weekend, a nearly work free Saturday, which is rare in our household.  We took the dog to Leeward beach and enjoyed a bright, glassy turquoise ocean for a snorkel and swim.  I took a few travel books to help us plan our next trip over lunch.  We decided to stop at a little place we pass often that had a new sign hanging over the front entrance.  Indian Kitchen has only been open two weeks and I highly suggest everyone give it a try before it gets crowded.  Two Corona’s and two delicious vegetarian roti’s set us back only $28.  The open air cafe sits just beside Alverna’s Market, perfect for tourists to take a browse at the local craft, seashell, and Haitian art selections.  For those of us that live here, it’s one of those places that remind us we live in the Caribbean; simple white painted wood structure with splashes of color here and there, lattice and shutters to catch the breeze, and a small grassy courtyard area nestled between the market shops.  We asked the friendly owner if we could move our table and chairs under the shade of a coconut tree and she eagerly obliged us.  A nearby native lantana and a red hibiscus were visited by a hummingbird while we polished every last morsel off our plates.

All images by pepperkeystacie

Human Rights Day

  Human Rights Day is celebrated in October here in the Turks and Caicos Islands.  With the suspension of the constitution among many other issues, the topic of human rights is surfacing often.  Whatever your views may be, please remember to get out there this weekend and support human issues!  Tomorrow evening there is the Turks and Caicos Aids Awareness Foundation Oldies Night

And for the athletically inclined there is also the chrysalis fitness 2nd annual fun run, where all proceeds will go to the The-Salvation-Army-Turks-and-Caicos-Islands

Weekend wedding posted of Brilliant’s Blog

 Proof that the pro’s make all the difference  If you are in the midst of debating your photography budget, check out my point and shoot images below in comparison to the perfection above.  As Teresa from tropicaldmc always reminds couples, food is savored at the moment but soon forgotten.  Your photos will be treasured forever.

Maria and Roland

All images by pepperkeystacie
Roland and Maria are a vibrant, fun loving couple and their nuptials reflected that in every way.  Each member of the wedding party met massive applause upon entering the aisle from the primarily Californian crowd.  The flower man and the ring man in their adorable white shorts and bow ties especially got lots of noise. Maria chose their fashionable attire (her groom apparently said no way to the outfit).  Roland is a graphic designer and hence the amazing seating chart and awesome name tags with personalised buttons on the macaroon boxed favors.  These two had loads of personality, not just anyone could pull off a plum and crimson wedding!  Congrats!