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Turks and Caicos Gourmet Safari 2014

gourmet safari event at the Shore Club

gourmet safari event at the Shore Club

Last fall I met with Karen Whitt about styling for the 2014 Turks and Caicos Gourmet Safari.  I was expecting this November event to be held somewhere special on property at the beautiful Regent Palms Resort  The previous year I had heard rave reviews from guests describing the elaborate set-up at the spa.  Imagine my shock when informed there was to be a surprise in store for, not only the guests, but the entire staff, in that they planned to host this elegant evening at a construction site!   We planned a site visit to the Shore Club to evaluate. I arrived in my work boots and dutifully put on the assigned hardhat before entering.  As I cautiously stepped over rubble and rebar,  I  must have thought of every negative imaginable.  How on earth would guests in gowns and stilettos manage it, let alone enjoy it?  As I was collecting my arguments against the idea, Karen continued to sell it.   Referencing the safari style and the element of surprise, steadying herself amongst the concrete and construction chaos in her typical work dress of heels and high fashion.  Once we climbed a few flights of stairs and soaked in the gorgeous view I began to see why the Hartling groups wishes were to hold the event here.

Shore Club fireworks for the Gourmet Safari

Shore Club fireworks for the Gourmet Safari

As the photos above can attest, it did turn out to be a magical night!  Kudos to the Hartling group and Karen who took the risk in doing something unexpected and insisted on a unique experience for their guests.  It may be the first and last time I have to climb scaffolding all day to decorate but it was well worth it!  We all are anxious to see the Shore Club project completed. I look forward to seeing this exquisite render below turned into reality and the wait is soon over!

Shore Club render

Joana, James, and Julia family portraits


At the tail end of 2014 I was asked to style for a family shoot for one of my favorite island bloggers, Joana of MYSEASTORY.  Anyone who has met this Portuguese hotelier turned blogger and who has seen her lovely photographs, can see she she has a great eye for color and composition.  Chanelle from Brilliant Studios, and I set out to capture


As some of the photographs were intended to be used for a holiday card sent to far away friends and family, we decided to give the “Greetings from Turks and Caicos” a literal go!  This map mural at Ports of Call is a great photo opportunity.  We started very early to get even sun exposure on the mural but a hot spot had to be quickly remedied with a makeshift scrim of cardboard boxes found in a nearby dumpster.  Julia must have thought it quite strange, me holding this floppy, uncooperative flattened box as high over my head as I could reach!


Now that we had demonstrated the where, it was time to demonstrate the who and the what, and what Turks and Caicos is most known for is the beach of course!


This family is lucky to live a few steps from a gorgeous stretch of Grace Bay Beach.  I love this palm tree framed boardwalk with thick mariners rope swags.


Their daughter Julia was just on the verge of walking, such a special time to document!


Look at that smile below, can’t you just hear the giggles?!


Joana had found these adorable reindeer antlers, which needed the distraction of singing “wheels on the bus” to try to keep on Julia.  I love capturing these natural moments with parents, those sweet looks of adoration.


As you can see Julia was far more keen to have a nibble on those antlers than to wear them.


As her husband James headed to work, we finished the session with mommy daughter time.


It was important to Joana to capture a few of Julia’s favorite toys, as well as her nursery.



This is one chic baby room!  And I can’t take an ounce of styling credit for the above still life, that was exactly as it looked when we opened the door to Julia’s room.  That’s Joana’s color and composition talking!  Each item unique and special; from the art to the toys and books.


What a nice morning!  Thanks for letting us be a part of cherishing this special time with baby Julia.


From Scratch Shoot

from scratch logo

A few months back I was asked to style for a marketing photo shoot for a brand new company in the Turks and Caicos. Talk about my kinda company; a one woman show, producing lovely, handmade goodies for the island!   Literally  . . . . goodies!!  From Scratch specializes in these pretty macarons, as the stylish logo above attests.




But Annie has baking skills which go way beyond cupcakes and cookies, however,  . . . would you look at these scrumptious cupcakes and cookies?

FromScratch-037 FromScratch-036

Picture perfect for birthdays, baby showers, and those special events you want the edibles to look as special as the occasion.  Take a further look at her wedding worthy cakes here!

FromScratch-022 FromScratch-044(1)

Her handmade creations are great for gift giving.


Congrats Annie on your new venture!!  May your success be as sweet as your delicious delights.

FromScratch-078-Edit FromScratch-086

Discover 2015 Fashion Feature


Andy Mann of Tropical Imaging and I paired up once again for the fashion feature for the 2015 Discover Magazine.


We shot the spread at the lovely Regent Palms Resort and featured resort wardrobe from their Spa and Wish Boutiques.


Our local models included several past and current contestants and the winner of the 2014 TCI Top Model Contest, Brielle Swann.

fashiondiscover_0087 fashiondiscover_0097 fashiondiscover_0119

This was my first time working with local make-up artist Thea Lowe,  who I was thrilled with.  This was also my first opportunity to book the young beauty Je’Cannya below.  She has such a versatile look and remarkable professionalism considering she’s only 15!

fashiondiscover_0147 fashiondiscover_0150 fashiondiscover_0158 fashiondiscover_0161 fashiondiscover_0169 fashiondiscover_0181 fashiondiscover_0182 fashiondiscover_0187 fashiondiscover_0211 fashiondiscover_0219  fashiondiscover_0234 fashiondiscover_0238 fashiondiscover_0246 fashiondiscover_0247 fashiondiscover_0268 fashiondiscover_0274  fashiondiscover_0278 fashiondiscover_0307 fashiondiscover_0314   fashiondiscover_0323 fashiondiscover_0342  fashiondiscover_0347 fashiondiscover_0379  fashiondiscover_0389 fashiondiscover_0408 fashiondiscover_0411   fashiondiscover_0445 fashiondiscover_0455


Brielle Swann

JeCannya Garland

Carlisa Williams

Brittney Bien-Aime

Make-up: Thea Lowe

Big thanks to all who worked so hard for this feature, especially the man behind the models Mr. Courtney Robinson!

Hamilton’s Maternity and Family Shoot


Last November I was lucky enough to style for a maternity and family session for friends of ours,  Mary and James.  We had been talking about a styled shoot since their son William was a wee lad but good thing we delayed for the perfect opportunity . . . the news that they were welcoming a new addition to their family!



Mary handles pregnancy beautifully, can’t you just see it in her smile?


I was beyond impressed when she turned up to Saturday morning dance class the week before her delivery and still managed to stretch and chase circles around her toddler like the rest of us!  She received a standing ovation when she turned up the following week with her brand new baby and William in tow!  Those two are very lucky lads to have such a dedicated momma!


Our congrats to the whole family!  Thanks for letting me be a part of these special memory keepsakes!