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Brilliant’s New Brilliant Website

Image via brilliant
You must head on over to Brilliant’s new website, it’s full of color, creativity, and Caribbean cool and I’m not just talking about the imagery!  I have the pleasure of styling for this team frequently so I am thrilled to share the showcase of their incredible talent.  Bravo to Brilliant and kudos to the awesome design duo behind redmetyellow whose delightful web wonder work makes the internet such an inspiring place to visit!  

"Looking Back" Motown Music Concert at the Tropicana

Don’t miss tonight’s show!  Mark Pankhurst of the TCFAF writes:
Marvin Henfield has MC’d or performed in many TCFAF productions over the last 10 years.  On March 8th, at 8pm Marvin will be hosting his own show “Looking Back” featuring the music of “Motown” at the Tropicana Club.  He will have Addison Stoddard and Elroy Simmons helping him out.  Addison is no stranger to the TCFAF stage, having performed in most of our pantos and variety shows, and hosting his own event two years ago, bringing opera to Provo for the first time.  The Motown sound is one of the best for dancing or just sitting back and enjoying “Looking Back!”

Tickets for dinner and the show ($50) are on sale at the Tropicana Monday to Friday from 9a to noon, or call 346-3000, 246-8510, 432-3712, 331-7176.  The Tropicana is located between the Somerset Resort and the gas station on the Lower Bight road.

Field Guide Friday – Brahmi Herb

 Images via B Naqqi Manco
This pretty little bell shaped flower comes from the Brahmi herb, Bacopa monnieri.  These images were taken from North Wells, Grand Turk, a perfect location for this wetland inhabiting species.  They can tolerate brackish waters or muddy shores, mostly residing in the east in Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and China.  It has been used for over 3,000 years in Ayurvedic medicine, please read an interesting recent study on it’s effect on human memory here. Some of the southern states, and we here in the Turks and Caicos, are lucky this lovely lives here!  Besides medicinal, common uses for the species are for aquariums and ponds.  If you happen upon one, many have reported success with propagation from cuttings.

Wedding Shoot Inspiration Boards

Well Read Rustic Concept Wedding Inspiration

 Here are a few lovely little inspiration boards I created for an upcoming project I will be collaborating with brilliant on.  Last November Brilliant welcomed two new members to their team of talented photographers; South African born Chanelle and Craig of Segerius-Bruce Photography.  This couple, who clearly have a penchant for travel, have spent the last dozen years perfecting their craft in the UK and beyond.  Chanelle comes from a freelance retouching and graphic design background, working for such clients as the renowned  Mario Testino.  Their skills speak for themselves when you see their work.  I am thrilled they have packed their bags and moved to the Turks and Caicos Islands and am delighted that we will be working together on upcoming photo shoots, both real and  . . . . well, wonderfully realized until some adoring couple breathes life of their own into them!
Caribbean Boheme Concept Wedding Inspiration
 We hope that these shoots will inspire our clients to let their imaginations run wild when it comes to individualizing their weddings.  The Turks and Caicos Islands have so much more beauty and enchantment to offer couples than our stunning beaches and blue water.  We will be highlighting some of these lesser known gems in terms of locations, local flora and fruits, themes and ideas that reveal the many facets of these islands.

Row to Romance Concept Wedding Inspiration