Fleur de lys villa had a special visitor this morning.  Meet Olie, a pink pet cockatoo who flew in from our neighbors on the beach.  Olie is extremely intelligent, and a social butterfly . . .  make that bird?  He often visits various residents in the Leeward neighborhood, announcing his arrival with his distinctive chatter and famous whistle.  This whistle caught me by surprise the first time I heard it, while on a morning jog on the beach with my dog four or five years ago.  He whistled several times, probably getting the biggest kick out of me looking around wildly to discover the source.  After much confusion on my part, he finally showed himself and decided it was time to further demonstrate his sense of humor by dive bombing our potcake Pepper.   Pepper chased furiously, jumping madly for a nip at the tail feathers, but gave up after 30 minutes of failed birdcatching and nowadays when he starts in she sticks her nose in the air and pays him no mind.  Today Olie landed on the balcony outside the office so I thought it only polite to invite him in for a chat.  An hour later I tried to tell him I had work to do and it was time for him to go home.  I’m certain he understood me perfectly well but refused to budge until I petted him (yes, he will rub his head on your hand until you give in), paid him a dozen compliments, and escorted him out the door on my shoulder. 

All photos by Pepper Key Stacie

  As luck would have it, I sent in two photographs to Desire to Inspire last week and our cat Pikey made the cut for Monday’s Pets On Furniture posting.  Little did I know I would have a my own “pets on furniture” posting!  This blog is an absolute treasure chest and the duo behind it, Kim and Jo, self described design junkies, have got some serious style radars.  I’m especially gaga for the RETRO postings. 

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  1. kim.

    OMG your bird story is hilarious! SO CUTE that this bird mingles with the neighbours! Ironically I spent at least 45 minutes today when I got home from work playing with the neighbour’s cat who kept running around my house torturing my cats (they were all inside).


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