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  1. kacie

    just 2 more reasons why im in love with you..your amazing taste in jewelry and youve lived in kansas city…ive lived here all my life!

  2. kim.

    OMG your bird story is hilarious! SO CUTE that this bird mingles with the neighbours! Ironically I spent at least 45 minutes today when I got home from work playing with the neighbour’s cat who kept running around my house torturing my cats (they were all inside).

  3. Shara

    Thanks for this write up Stacie!! The Children performed brilliantly! I am so proud of them! Meghan will be immensely missed, she put so much of herself into the Center… We Bowen’s wish her all the best!

  4. Cupcake Crazy Gem

    We went to Indian Kitchen tonight after seeing this recommendation on your blog! And we are so glad we did, the food was amazing! The owner asked us how we had heard about it and I said I had seen it on a blog on the Internet and she found that very bemusing!

  5. Anonymous

    Hi Pepper,

    I just stumbled on this blog. I was so surprised to find that this is actually my wedding. I thought the blog was lovely! It made me so happy! You did a beautiful job. I haven’t seen any of these pictures. Can I please have copies? My email is below.

    ~Jackie Wells

  6. Anonymous

    I`m so happy to read that you like my photo work and my home in Vakre Hjem & Interiør!!

    I love your blog!!

    Annette Nordstrøm

  7. Anonymous

    You may or may not remember me but I’m also from Casper. I stumbbled upon you and your work through the curious world of FB. I’ve been visiting your blog for about 3 months now and I wanted to reach out to let you know I find your work amazingly beautiful and inspiring! Can’t wait to see more! Misty Claerbout

  8. kaney

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  9. Anonymous

    this is beautiful, if only all the persons that sign up will show up and do some work. but this is grate and should happen every year kodos to the persons who set this up

  10. Charlie

    Excellent job on the cleanup and continuation of this effort. WE always attempt to do a cleanup wherever we go, and yes, we did a few in TCI as well. Trying to get started on a RRCB (Rubbish Runners Club Berkeley) and we should think about taking this idea around the world! Kind of like Hash Hound Harriers – how cool would that be…

  11. 40 Coupe

    I’m so happy you took it upon yourself to get this started, had I known it was like this my previous 6 wks, you’d have had another out there “doing it right”. As you know, it is in our genes to “leave it as good or better than you found it” anywhere we go. Ditto from me to “Rubbish Runners all over the world”.
    The beauty of Providenciales could ,(needs) to be further enhanced by getting more people on board in this endeavor. Congratulations, I’m proud of you. Dad

  12. Anonymous


    My wife Sandra and daughter Kathryn love the headboard restoration! We would love to see more when we come to visit in July…


  13. B Naqqi

    The reason for the two-coloured flowers on the same bush is pretty amazing. Insects see ultraviolet pigments well, even though they’re invisible to us. UV pigments are blocked by most other pigments, especially reds and blues, but not yellows and whites. The flowers open yellow and (though we can’t see them) they have dotted lines and actual arrows in UV pigments pointing toward the middle of the flower — a landing strip and directions for pollinating insects! Many insects are hard-wired so they can’t actually choose not to land on the flowers they see. After the flower is pollinated, it doesn’t want more insects coming that could risk knocking pollen off the stigma, so the size of the anthocyanin-bearing cells (red pigment) dramatically increases, flushing the flower red, concealing the UV markings — in effect shutting down the runway and diverting the insect to another flower.

  14. Anonymous

    I do not support this initiative. Longline fishing would be detrimental to our animal life in the sea. We cannot afford to play Russian roulette with this one. We can’t accidentally kill precious species.

    If this method of fishing would only catch the Lionfish, it would have my support. Let’s rid our seas of this invasive species and continue to work to prohibit longline fishing.

  15. Evan C. Howell

    While Long-lining is indiscriminate, the TCI’s economy is heavily dependent on Tourism which is great but also fragile. The TCI is also known for fishing – Conch and Lobster, and this industry’s stock is almost depleted.

    Amidst the environmental concerns, what are the alternatives?

    It is one thing to be determined to stop an effort, however, one has to look at all the variations and provide viable options.

  16. 40 Coupe

    Thank you dear, you’re the best. Taking care of those 2 boys most of your life and now trying to watch over them in adulthood. Take care, Luv U2

  17. kelcey

    Stacie, your design ideas are inspirational! Can’t wait to have you over ; )

    xx kelcey (and thierry tristan jade)

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  19. Dennis Roberts

    Hi Stacie:
    I stumbled across your website this morning while googling a book I own called Tuntlandsvikane by Theodore Wogen, published in 1980. It has extensive geneology records of our family. Your great-grandfather Jacob was a younger brother of my grandfather John Stensland. I visited the family farm in Hjelmeland in 2009. I have some pictures you might be interested in seeing if you send me your e-mail address. I live in Phoenix, AZ and am now 76. My grandfather emigrated to the U.S in 1895 or 96 and settled in North Dakota where my mother was born. Our side of the family retained the Stensland spelling, but I have seen several variations in the records. Hope to hear from you soon./Dennis