Driftwood Decor

Images: Coastal Living on My Home Ideas
Karen Robertson safari tents on Love Embellishments
Images: Lamp styled by
Foyer by Richard Gloullet and Roman and Williams armoire image on desire to inspire
House Beautiful on love my earth
Driftwood lamp on apartment therapy
I am infatuated with driftwood, and luckily I live on an island where it is readily available.  I can’t go on a walk without major urges to take these natural treasures home with me. Fortunately, driftwood is making a big appearance in design these days and am finding more and more purposes for my collections; table bases, sculpture, lamp remodels, even structurally as railings and upright posts.  Yesterday I met with a client and suggested she transform a chunky bamboo coffeee table base for a more appropriate island style like seen above.  Keep posted for images of a driftwood chuppah we will be constructing for an upcoming beach wedding.

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