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HGTV A Caribbean Life

Last February Turks and Caicos Productions welcomed HGTV back to the Turks and Caicos Islands for a month to film three episodes for their Caribbean Life series.  For those of you in the US, you can view the episodes here.  I have yet to watch, must try when I am back on the mainland, but I am certain there is some amazing Turks and Caicos footage thanks to all the B-roll lists!

HGTV A Caribbean Life

HGTV A Caribbean Life

About Left/Right Inc:
The principals of Left/Right, Banks Tarver and Ken Druckerman, both
spent untold years on the front lines of documentary and reality production,
but fate — and a mafia princess — would bring them together. They first
joined forces as showrunners on the hit series Growing Up Gotti for A&E.
The premiere episode of Gotti received one of the highest ratings in the
network’s history, and was chosen as one of the 10 best shows of the year
by The New York Times — the only unscripted series to make the list.
Following this successful collaboration and the production of nearly thirty
episodes, Ken and Banks decided to get out of the freelance game and to
formalize their partnership by creating Left/Right.
Seven years and over 300 hours of television later, the partners can point
with pride to a diverse client base and a ridiculously eclectic mix of projects
that gives meaning to the company name: our projects span the creative
spectrum from Left…to Right. Past and present productions range from
This American Life, the Emmy award-winning television adaptation of the
popular public radio show (for Showtime)…to Mob Wives, the breakout hit
series for VH1 about a group of women who are married to the mob…to
Small Town Security (AMC), the surreal and stranger-than-fiction comedy
series about a family business like no other, to Hawaii Life (HGTV), the
highly-rated and highly-addictive real estate series that forces viewers to
ask themselves why they haven’t yet moved to Hawaii.
Whether you pronounce it ‘Ca-RIB-bean’ or ‘CARIBB-ean,’ one thing’s for
sure, island living is where it’s at! With the success of HAWAII LIFE,
HGTV now brings you the adventurous people who believe that ocean
breezes, white sandy beaches and the sounds of steel drums aren’t just for
the holidays but rather a place to call home. CARIBBEAN LIFE follows the
stories of everyday people who are packing up their regular lives and
diving into the warm waters of the Caribbean and the real estate
companies that help make this island-living a reality.



In November of 2013, Turks and Caicos Productions welcomed back Micon Productions for a photo shoot for Garage Clothing.  We had worked with Micon producer Robbie Yamamota a few years ago for a SoBe Life Water campaign featuring Ashley Greene.

Garage Swimwear shoot Turks and Caicos

Every shoot faces certain challenges, normally which fall along the lines of finding a particular prop last minute.  This shoot had a challenge of a larger scale, Mother Nature!  We were shooting at a private home on Pine Cay and Day 1 on location went smoothly other than playing hide and seek between two different boats dropping crew separately.  After a productive day we all enjoyed the gorgeous sunset on our 25 minute boat ride home, quite pleased with ourselves that we could leave important gear and equipment on Pine Cay safely stored overnight for an easier set up for Day 2.


Except Day 2 was met with gusting winds, stormy seas, and nonstop pouring rain!  This would make for a very adventurous trip to Pine Cay!  Luckily,  Caicos Dream Tours were up for the wild ride and took on the assignment.  We took a brave, limited crew, decked out in life vests and rain slickers, and piled into the boat which rocked around the rough seas but carried us safely to the shore.  We worked like mad packing all the equipment quickly onto the boat and erasing our sandy, soggy footprints from the beautiful villa.


We made it safely back to Provo to carry on with our shoot, and as the above photos attest, even a moody Mother Nature Day in Turks and Caicos looks good!


Garage 2 Garage 3 Garage 4 Garage 6 Garage 7 Garage 8 Garage 9Garage

Photographer: Chris Heads

Stylist:  Jesse Selchow

Make-Up:  Leslie Ann Thomson

Hair: Noah Hatton

Models: Marcela Vivan, Mathilda Bernmark, Olivia Greenfield, Ashley Ascano

Calvin Klein Eternity Shoot


Eternity Calvin Klein Ad Turks and Caicos
  These two really are that incredibly beautiful in real life!  Winter of last year was an epic month in Turks and Caicos for film and photo shoots.  We had in our midst Hollywood stars, supermodels, and celebrity photographers in their own right, Inez and Vinoodh. This was my second time working with the famous duo, the first time was back in 2009 for this incredible spread with Lara Stone for W Magazine.  This was my first time partnering up with global production powerhouse North6Productions.  Wow, what a team and what a shoot!  Read the press and watch the sensual, beautifully black and white, film below . . . .
Christy Turlington Burns Back for Eternity Courtesy Photo Turlington Burns, who was the original face of Calvin Klein Eternity women’s fragrance at its 1988 launch, is returning to that role this fall — along with her husband, filmmaker Ed Burns. The campaign marks the first time the two have shot an ad together. photographed by Inez Van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin in Turks and Caicos
Christy Turlington husband Ed Burns in the 25th anniversary ad for Calvin Klein’s Eternity, photographed by Inez Van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin in Turks and Caicos
Shot by photographer duo Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin, the campaign highlights the passion and closeness between the couple, who have been married since 2003. At age 45, Christy Turlington is as gorgeous as ever, wearing a swimsuit with a low-cut back.

TV Advert:

Behind the Scenes Credit: David Jones
Eternity-Calvin-Klein-Ad-Turks-And-Caicos-0003 Eternity-Calvin-Klein-Ad-Turks-And-Caicos-0004 Eternity-Calvin-Klein-Ad-Turks-And-Caicos-0005 Eternity-Calvin-Klein-Ad-Turks-And-Caicos-0006 Eternity-Calvin-Klein-Ad-Turks-And-Caicos-0007 Eternity-Calvin-Klein-Ad-Turks-And-Caicos-0008 Eternity-Calvin-Klein-Ad-Turks-And-Caicos-0009 Eternity-Calvin-Klein-Ad-Turks-And-Caicos-0010 Eternity-Calvin-Klein-Ad-Turks-And-Caicos-0011 Eternity-Calvin-Klein-Ad-Turks-And-Caicos-0012

CHICO’s Shoot

The winter season of 2013-2014 was extraordinarily busy with photo shoots.  A first time client  came that January, CHICO’S, a beautiful women’s clothing company that had me wishing I had easy access to a store in the states!  Still love that jacket on the right!

CHICO's shoot in Turks and Caicos

This was an amazing shoot for varied locations.  We shot at a couple of our long time favorites, Bajacu and Coral House,


This was my first time working with the radiant An Hayward, so gracious and down to earth, and Magali Amadei,  who I instantly recognized from the covers of magazines and catalogs my mother would receive in the mail.


I was so pleased to have the opportunity to work with Chiara Baschetti again.  I last saw her on island for one of the Ralph Lauren campaigns.  So lovely inside and out!


Photographer: Dean Isidro

Stylist: Inge Fonteyne

Hair: Moiz Alladina

Make-up: Susan Houser

SELF Magazine Shoot with Arthur Belebeau

In May of 2013 Turks and Caicos Productions welcomed SELF magazine back to Turks and Caicos for another photo shoot.  This SELF magazine spread was all about “Get Sweaty.” 

SELF Get Sweaty

I was 8 months pregnant at the time and certainly did a great deal of sweating throughout the course of this shoot!  TC Millwork built and delivered an 8′ x 8′ platform which took quite the maneuvering through our location Mandalay.  I happen to agree with SELF, whether it’s sweat from working out or working hard, it does make you sexy!


Images via Production Paradise and Pinterest

Photographer: Arthur Belebeau

Model: Shelby Keeton

Hair: Zaiya Latt

Make-up: Angie Barton