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Micah visits the Turks and Caicos

Micah making one last stop before flying back to Texas
After sixteen months of life change and intense career momentum, Micah was in serious need of a vacation to recharge her batteries.  With a disposition and charm just as sunny as our climate, she quickly said she had found her home away from home.  It was lovely having such a vivacious guest at Fleur de Lys, so in awe of her surrounding view!  Micah had e-mailed before her arrival saying all she needed was a beautiful beach; to hear the waves lapping on the shore and see the sun setting over the horizon . . .
As her photos above and below attest, she was not disappointed!  Thank you Micah for choosing Fleur de Lys and for your kind words:

“WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE! Most beautiful, hand crafted home I’ve ever seen!

Review Submitted: November 27, 2012 Date of Stay: November 2012
There’s art and then there is ART. Fleur De Lys Villa is definitely ART! For those that don’t realize..this home was hand crafted and designed by the hands of the owners…a Carpenter and an Interior Designer.

From the moment I walked in I fell in love. The attention to detail in every corner and crevice is really amazing. It’s the little things that show how much love and care went into the planning of this home…away from home.

It’s very appartant that the owners put lots of time, effort and thinking into making this feel like home…while being on one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

A short walk to the beach, it’s a great location and all you have to do is walk a mile down to be at the resorts to get lunch or a coctail.

Stacie and Stephan were very helpful in every way and I couldn’t be happier with my experience. I went snorkeling, sailing, dancing, swimming and dining…but the best part was spending time alone…in the house..with the crickets singing and the wind blowing through the windows and the beautiful ambiance of Fleur De Lys.

I highly recommend this home for your vacation to one of the most magical places I’ve been.

Enjoy your stay! Give the hammock a kiss for me..I miss it already.”

To find out more about Micah’s journey and her transformation through Visalus please read on . . .

My journey to home…Visalus and how it’s changed my life and why you should say YES!

by Micah Winder on Wednesday, November 2, 2011 at 12:08pm

I’ve always thought there were two types of people in the world, either you get it..or you don’t. I’m a gatherer of people who get it. Call it my collection project. I’ve been super blessed with amazing, compassionate, positive people and always look to surround myself with more.

In business it’s always been my struggle.Finding somewhere to call home that had the same ethics, standards and morals as me was very difficult.  I’m in the people business. I was meant to help people be successful. I’ve chosen Network Marketing and Direct Sales as my vehicle for this calling. It’s been a fun journey but ridden with lots of bumps in the road and road blocks. Mainly because people get greedy and people run companies. I’ve invested in about 6 different businesses over the 10 years while I searched for my home. I thought I had found it and was with a party plan company for 7 years. I was on the Board of Directors for 4 of those years. Which meant that I was in the top in Sales and recruiting. I ran a very successful business and put my whole life into the project. I worked harder than I have in my life and made so many amazing friendships along the way…but the company was always very difficult to deal with. It was almost as though they didn’t want you to succeed and once you did you were scrutinized and devalued and treated like a nuissance. They LOVED to tell us no and make policies that made our job more and more difficult. Looking back now I recognize what a money trap it was. I recruited easily over 300 women into that company over the years and none of them had the success that I did. There was something wrong and I stood up to their greed and had my business ripped from underneath me. Cease and desist. 8 years of my life…3500 customers, non compete agreement. I was screwed.

It was time for a life intervention. When life gets dumped upside down on’s time to re-evaluate and figure out what is not working and you have to make a change to get back on track. I looked at myself in the mirror and didn’t recognize myself. I had gained 100 lbs. I weighed 236 lbs and had shrunk into myself so painfully far and deep that it was suffocating me. My spirit was dying. I had to do something and fast.

That’s when I decided to take my weight loss on as a job. I found a product that had the right ingredients to help me on my journey and I worked at it like I did my previous business. I’m very money motivated and with none coming in I had to lose the weight to sell the product and make a living. It was the best decision I had ever made and started me on a beautiful, very public journey of losing 75 lbs.

In that process, I found my passion and my purpose in helping others with their weight loss goals. I know how it feels to not want to look at people in the eye because you are afraid that they will think you are fat. I know how it feels to want to wear sweats everywhere you go because shopping for plus size clothes just isn’t going to happen. I know how it feels to be invisible and to be called fat to your face. I know how it feels to have your weight consume every waking thought and be the reason 4 years of your life doesn’t exist because you wouldn’t let anyone take pictures of you. No one should have to go through that. So I have made it my personal goal to help as many people (especially women) as I can get healthy and regain their confidence and make their insides match their outsides.

Success naturally comes to me when I’m passionate about something. It’s a blessing I’ve witnessed a few times in my life. So I did very well with that company..built a strong organization but the product only worked for 1/3 of my people. That wasn’t where I wanted to be. If I was going to be the best, I needed to be with the best.

I had seen Visalus all over facebook. Had been asked to look at it by 4 different people. I was impressed..but stubborn. I was loyal and not ready. Then the phone call came for me to go to Miami all expenses paid by the company to go to the Co Founders home. They said Miami, paid for…I said hell yes!

I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I had no intention of joining another company. I had just finished my resume and was going back into Corp. America..battered and bruised from the MLM industry. I was giving up and it was killing me.

When we got to Miami, I met 18 other very strong business people. I was the youngest and we got picked up in a limo and taken to Nicks home on the water.

That’s where I met Nick Sarnicola and his beautiful and powerful fiance Ashley Riggs. They looked just like me, young, hip, down to earth and best of all I would soon see that…they GET IT!

We comfortably settled into their living room and Nick proceeded to blow our minds for the next 6 hours. To say that this company is a Network Marketers dream is doing it serious injustice. What they have created from TOP TO BOTTOM is the most beautiful, perfect, fully equipped most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. They aren’t just doing things different they are doing them OPPOSITE. So if you have ever had a bad thought about Network Marketing, THIS IS NOT THAT! I should know..I’m an expert in the subject.

I got so excited after seeing the pay plan I literally started the wave for Nick. But it wasn’t that that had me completely in was the energy behind it. It was these beautiful angels in front of me..they GET IT! I mean really really get it. They genuinely care about changing the world. Genuinely care about helping people live their best life. Genuinely care about stopping America’s top two problems..FAT AND BROKE.

I have never taken a mentor on in my life. Nobody was good enough in my eyes and here in Miami I found my mentor and I said yes. Yes to the life I’ve always dreamed, yes to my full potential, yes to my divine calling on earth. I was meant to help people break free of mental slavery, push through their fears and empower themselves so they can live a life of happiness, abundance and bliss while creating a legacy for their children that can insure success. I had found home..every cell of every part of me knew it and I was ecstatic!

I resigned from my company that week and proceeded on a strategic business launch with Nick and Ashley that was a whirlwind of hard work. I had never had so much fun. I had never been so passionate and focused. I had never experienced so much energy. It was invigorating and exactly what I needed! My life had been renewed.

Our team put 42 people in BMW’s in 45 days. I got mine in 20 days.  I will never pay for a car payment again in my whole life and I will always drive a BMW! I recruited 12 people my first month. Had four Challenge Parties and talked on the phone every minute I could. I made 1100 my first week and I’ve never paid for my Challenge kit since the day I signed up. I also have a free business with no inventory, no deliveries, very low overhead and a support system that was unstoppable. I was in HEAVEN!

My 12 people soon turned into over 200 and my team just ended our 4th full month of business with over $80,000 in sales!!! We have over 500 people on the 90 Day Challenge and not only did I lose 25 lbs my first 90 days but my team and customers have lost over 1500 lbs easily already!

Unbelievably, that’s not even the best part. The best part is the ability to FINALLY FINALLY help people be successful and gain self confidence. The movement that this company has created..the energy that it has infused to the peoples lives it touches is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. It’s like Extreme Home Makeovers in a company. It’s like House Music in a’s like Abundance at it’s best and The Secret at work and it’s working FAST! And don’t let me leave out the part about it being Martin Luther King’s dream. Nick actually trained us to recruit DIVERSITY! I mean really? Was I dreaming? The events are so diverse and filled with so much power, love and happiness it’s almost overwhelming. We are UNIFIED in our cause. We are making a change in this world and it is a DIVINE journey that can not fail.

We are set to be the first Network Marketing company in history to reach a BILLION in yearly sales without going global. That is going to happen by March!And then…and then we go GLOBAL! I’m going to learn Spanish, French and Italian in the next year..because I can’t be left out of this amazing journey to spread this to the world.

I could go on and on about why this company is fantastic..and I can’t even really call it a company. It’s a’s a cause and it’s so on time and so perfect and the most complete business anyone could invest in. We are currently giving 25 BMW’s away a day. We give over 25 MILLION in FREE PRODUCT and prizes a year to our customers and promoters, we have helped people lose over 8 million lbs DOCUMENTED in under two years and we are a VIRAL marketing machine that works. We have social media on lock and I’ve witnessed over 10 MILLION in BONUSES be given out and that’s just what happened in the last 6 months.

By the end of the year..Just 6 months into my business I will be making more money a year than I have in my life. That will double in the next 6 months if not less. 50 % of our top income earners are under 40 years old and top income is 50-140 k a MONTH. This is a whole company of people who GET IT. We are not making millions..we are making MILLIONAIRES. And not just to make the money..but to put a stop to our economic problems and effect real change in the world. The more millionaires we make, the more money that we have to go around to help others. We are SERVANT DRIVEN LEADERS and we are looking for YOU!

Sometimes in life you just have to go with your gut. If this made a piece of you wake up, if this ignited a flame somewhere within you. Please contact me asap. DO NOT WAIT! I have prayed and prayed that the people that were meant to be with me on this journey would come and say Yes effortlessly. I know there are many of you out there. I need you, we need you and we have lots of work to do.

For all of the people I love. Please please please pay attention to this. I am BEGGING you from the depths of my soul. THIS IS THE ANSWER TO ALL OF YOUR PROBLEMS. Health, financial, emotional and even spiritual. I am very good at this and I was trained by the man who put it together himself. I have been very blessed and am completely dedicated to helping you reach your goals…whatever they may be. Let me help you. I am still gathering people who get it. It’s your turn to make a choice. Unplug from the Matrix. Free yourself from mental slavery. Put in some good work for yourself for a change. Empower yourself. You deserve it.

My team name is Team 143. It stands for I love you. Because we give you the right LOVE and Support to reach YOUR full potential! We are waiting.

Love is Love and it is SOOO GOOD!

Special thanks to God and my angels and the Universe for lighting my path. There is so much comfort in clarity.

Micah Winder