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Kiteboarding in the Turks and Caicos

My favorite kiteboarder at northwest-point-national-park

I just stumbled on an amazing resource for kite boarders looking to ride in the Turks and Caicos.  Please see iksurfmag for a great review of what to expect and be sure to check windguru for the weekly wind and wave forecast.  Big thanks to Jacqueline d’Entremont and  Julian Hosp for visiting and sharing our incredible destination with the international kiteboarding community!
Image from sbckiteboard

Fieldguide Fridays – Bearded Cactus

 Easily spotted “bearded” tips of the Dildo Cactus, Longbay, image by Larry Steensland

 The most common species of cactus in the Turks and Caicos Islands is locally known as Dildo Cactus, Pilosocereus Royenii.  The tubular shaped branches often display white tufts at the tops, giving it another common name, “Old Man Cactus” or “Bearded Cactus.”  It is native to the Caribbean and Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula.  They resemble trees in that they are often seen towering above the rest of the local vegetation reaching at heights over 20 feet tall.

A now labeled beautiful specimen on the  longbay-beach-barn nature trail.  Amazing that all those branches are supported by the single stalk.