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TCP Realty Office Renovation

Original Inspiration Board

Late last summer I met with Bernadette Hunt of TCP Realty in regards to updating their Ocean Club Office.  It had been ten years since they moved in and the furniture, though in good condition, made the space feel dated.  We took a tour of their Le Vele office, with it’s open floor plan and overall modern style, and discussed taking the renovation in a different direction.  Bernadette wanted to appeal to clients of traditional taste as well as clients who prefer more modern aesthetics.  To demonstrate transitional style, I pinpointed a crushed velvet armchair in the space.  It was large enough to lounge, but overall dimensions moderate enough to meet the smaller floorplan of the Ocean Club Office.  It had a traditional barrel back, but the crushed velvet vivid fabric and flared wood legs gave it a contemporary edge.  This perfectly transitional chair, a marriage of modern and traditional styles; Nomad by Four Hands Furniture, became the starting piece for the renovation. 

Nomad Chair by Four Hands Furniture

TCP Realty bath

TCP Realty Conference Room

  The existing furniture was dark, bulky, and full of ornamentation.  We selected new furniture in the transitional style that was more evenly proportioned to the room sizes.  I like to use a few common denominators throughout to help tie interiors together.  Navy blue was a heavy influence in this project, as were small splashes of bright brass details.

TCP Realty Front Office

The front office formerly used a folding screen for privacy from street traffic.  We installed indigo drapes, a remedy which allowed a healthy dose of natural light to pour in when desired, yet shields onlookers when meetings are in session. 

TCP Realty Reception

For the reception we wanted a bold first impression which we achieved through this gorgeous Flat Vernacular wallpaper.  The only builders work was replacing the glass block within the partition wall between the reception and the rear office with a logo customized frosted glass.  The idea was to allow additional natural light without losing privacy between the two spaces.  TC Millwork handled a tricky installation due to the logo being printed slightly off level.  They also managed to repair a chair that had been received damaged, matching the bleached finish flawlessly!

I enjoyed updating this space and hope to gain more TCP realty clients after this transformation.


Hamilton’s Maternity and Family Shoot


Last November I was lucky enough to style for a maternity and family session for friends of ours,  Mary and James.  We had been talking about a styled shoot since their son William was a wee lad but good thing we delayed for the perfect opportunity . . . the news that they were welcoming a new addition to their family!



Mary handles pregnancy beautifully, can’t you just see it in her smile?


I was beyond impressed when she turned up to Saturday morning dance class the week before her delivery and still managed to stretch and chase circles around her toddler like the rest of us!  She received a standing ovation when she turned up the following week with her brand new baby and William in tow!  Those two are very lucky lads to have such a dedicated momma!


Our congrats to the whole family!  Thanks for letting me be a part of these special memory keepsakes!




Last September Tropical Imaging and I teamed up to shoot a brand new villa by the name of Samsara.  Andy Mann and I work together often to profile architect Ron Shaw’s designs, each one incredible in their own right.  This sprawling house is beautifully located on Babalua Beach, as the aerial image below demonstrates it virtually has it’s own private 650′ long beach!


samsara_0092 samsara_0096

I am a big fan of cedar shingled roofs and native stone, Samsara features both in great quantity.  It gives the large luxury property a down to earth feel.

samsara_0107 samsara_0196

I loved the little planters incorporated into the outdoor showers, nice to have nature at your feet and still offer privacy within the surrounding garden.

samsara_0244  This staircase was superb any which way you looked at it.  We photographed it from three different angles, this was my favorite perspective.Samsara_Aerial_0012 Samsara_Aerial_0030

Can you believe that collection of roofs!  Remarkable!


The woven wood cabinetry was remarkable as well.  I have to hand it to our TC Millwork competitor, Island Stairworks, who did a fantastic job on these CNC machined doors.



Another tidbit for the woodworking fans, this tables pedestal was part of the original house which the owner wanted to salvage and showcase.

samsaradetails_0032 samsaradetails_0037  samsaradetails_0051 samsaradetails_0064 samsaradetails_0065 samsaradetails_0066 samsaradetails_0067 samsaradetails_0125

If you find yourself lucky enough to enter these gates, you will appreciate this home and all of it’s many facets all the more seeing it in person.



Well done Ron Shaw, very grateful Andy and I were selected for this project!  Always look forward to what you will create next.  This round dining room with one of your signature ceilings made my most impressive list.  Bravo!


Miss Turks and Caicos competes in Miss Universe

Image by Kazz Forbes

Image courtesy of Kazz Forbes

This summer I met Snwazna Adams, the then newly crowned Miss Turks and Caicos, while working on a fashion shoot for the 2014 issue of Discover Magazine Turks and Caicos.  This 5’11” beauty was soft spoken, humble, and what I would describe as moderately shy.  
Image courtesy Kazz Forbes

Image courtesy Kazz Forbes

It was great getting the chance to chat, learning how to pronounce that fierce first name (SNOW-ANA), and learning a little bit about this 26 year old.  She just traveled all the way to Moscow to participate in the Miss Universe pageant where she made the whole country proud.

Image by Kazz Forbes

We hope you had the experience of a lifetime Snwazna, thanks for being a shining ambassador of the Turks and Caicos Islands!
Image by Kazz Forbes

Image by Kazz Forbes