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JCrew Summer 2018 Photo Shoot

Last March Turks and Caicos Productions welcomed J.Crew  back to our shores to shoot summer campaigns for Swim and Playa. 

I had worked on J.Crew shoots before in 2010, 2011 and 2013 so it was great to see some familiar faces.  It was also great to see the brands new direction, embracing more body diversity.   

Models: Julia Van Os, Solange Van Doorn, Saffron Vadher

I love the images below from the Summer Blueprint story.

Models: Alecia Morais, Sanne Vloet, McKenna Hellam

Typically when I work art department for these fashion shoots I assist the prop stylist.  This shoot was special in that I was able to do a little independent prop styling with a second BTS (Behind the Scenes) crew which focused on social media, email promotions such as the above and below by Bryan Derballa.

Producer: Maura Kane

Art Director and Womens Stylist: Gayle Spannaus

Photographer: Thomas Neal

Prop Stylist: Brian Heiser

Makeup: Souhi Lee

Hairstylist: Roberto Di Cuia

Kate’s Maternity Shoot with Marisa Findlay

Kate maternity shoot

Image by Marisa Findlay

Last February I had the opportunity to style for an island friends maternity/boudoir shoot.  This was my first time working professionally with another friend, photographer Marisa Findlay.   I have admired Marisa’s work for a long time, just look at this incredible Zambian wedding she shot recently!  She has a real way of capturing people looking natural, genuine.  It’s evident she loves photographing women, especially within boudoir, so I was looking forward to capturing our oh-so -pretty and oh-so-pregnant Kate!

Kate and mother Victoria still life

Kate and mother Victoria still life

I offered to use my house as our location, which feels a bit like cheating as a stylist because you already are familiar with all the attractive angles and available props:)  I knew it would work well for our intentions and hoped it would put Kate and Marisa at ease. For most women it is a big challenge to get nude or nearly nude with extra eyes on you.  Big kudos to Kate and her luscious bump for handling it with grace and style!  I am sure you and your hubby will cherish these images forever, thanks for asking me to be a part of capturing your expectant loveliness!

Kate boudoir

Image by Marisa Findlay

Consuela and Chirag Wedding

8.6.2014 014

Last September I styled for an Indian wedding at Villa Bella Vita (recently famous due to a Housewives episode).  Apologies for these images, after nearly a year of requesting photos from the photographer and couple I have given up and resorted to using my snapshots!

8.6.2014 021

Such a shame as it was a beautiful couple and featured some lovely details!  The largest challenge with this wedding was the mandap which I wanted to look like this but there was a little  . . . .well let’s say big surprise to consider.


In an Indian wedding the grooms entrance is the grand event and this wedding was no exception.  We have no elephants in Turks and Caicos, and prince charming on the white horse has certainly been done, so here comes the helicopter!  I suppose from watching films I was certain the helicopter landing was going to execute hurricane force winds which would rip the mandap to shreds and cover the guests in a blanket of salty sand.  I kept the mandap draping minimal for damage control and stood way back (as you can see from the above I-phone photo) and closed my eyes when it hovered over the ceremony spot.  Much to my surprise, no whipping winds, no flying sand, no problems . . . whew!  Will know better for next time, if there is one.

Ocean Club 2014

Ocean Club Resort

Ocean Club Resort

Tropical Imaging and I teamed up again for another great shoot at Ocean Club Resorts.  I look forward to these shoots every year as they are a couple of the friendliest resorts on island with the most helpful staff.  If you are looking for a reasonably priced, casual, and perfectly located place to stay in Providenciales, look no further. Check out at the fresh facelifts in a few of the units!  We will be back soon to photograph the new balconies and other renovations.

Ocean Club 2014

Turks and Caicos Gourmet Safari 2014

gourmet safari event at the Shore Club

gourmet safari event at the Shore Club

Last fall I met with Karen Whitt about styling for the 2014 Turks and Caicos Gourmet Safari.  I was expecting this November event to be held somewhere special on property at the beautiful Regent Palms Resort  The previous year I had heard rave reviews from guests describing the elaborate set-up at the spa.  Imagine my shock when informed there was to be a surprise in store for, not only the guests, but the entire staff, in that they planned to host this elegant evening at a construction site!   We planned a site visit to the Shore Club to evaluate. I arrived in my work boots and dutifully put on the assigned hardhat before entering.  As I cautiously stepped over rubble and rebar,  I  must have thought of every negative imaginable.  How on earth would guests in gowns and stilettos manage it, let alone enjoy it?  As I was collecting my arguments against the idea, Karen continued to sell it.   Referencing the safari style and the element of surprise, steadying herself amongst the concrete and construction chaos in her typical work dress of heels and high fashion.  Once we climbed a few flights of stairs and soaked in the gorgeous view I began to see why the Hartling groups wishes were to hold the event here.

Shore Club fireworks for the Gourmet Safari

Shore Club fireworks for the Gourmet Safari

As the photos above can attest, it did turn out to be a magical night!  Kudos to the Hartling group and Karen who took the risk in doing something unexpected and insisted on a unique experience for their guests.  It may be the first and last time I have to climb scaffolding all day to decorate but it was well worth it!  We all are anxious to see the Shore Club project completed. I look forward to seeing this exquisite render below turned into reality and the wait is soon over!

Shore Club render