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Lands End Photo Shoot

lands end 4

Last January, Turks and Caicos Productions welcomed Lands End to Turks and Caicos to shoot their Swim and Family Spring 2015 Campaign.  This was our first time working with Minnow11 Productions and the fabulous Lindsay McGill.  She’s a Hawaii based producer, (mama to TWO pro surfers, how cool is that!) so was great to work with someone who automatically gets what is is to produce on an island!

lands end 2

We were thrilled to cast some of our local kiddies in the campaign.  Those of you in the know, check out Adrien in the super cute striped rashguard above and below.  Little Lewis taking a stroll for Toddlers, too!

lands end

And one of our famous potcakes got in on the fun too!  Big thanks to Potcake Place who are always on board, tireless stage moms so these furry friends get to model.  These ads do help raise awareness about these special pups looking for forever homes.  If you have a big heart for homeless dogs please consider making a donation.


See that scrumptious pail-on-her-head cutie-patootie below far right?  That’s a dear friends darling, Selah!

selah snip

It’s always fun to work on shoots that want boats.  This sailboat beauty in the background had just been restored by a neighbor friend, great way to relaunch her!

lands end 3

Sometimes we need more from a boat than to just float around looking pretty.  This shoot required a big enough boat to haul 30 cast and crew plus equipment quickly to an outer island where we had found the perfect location for the below spread.  See a little more of the behind the scenes images at Lands End On Location. Come back and see us again Lands End!

Lands End 5

Photographer: Anne Menke

Hair: Moiz Alladina

Make-Up: Lisa Aharon


Photographer: Daymion Mardel

Hair: Craig Honeycut

Make-up: Danielle Priano

HGTV A Caribbean Life

Last February Turks and Caicos Productions welcomed HGTV back to the Turks and Caicos Islands for a month to film three episodes for their Caribbean Life series.  For those of you in the US, you can view the episodes here.  I have yet to watch, must try when I am back on the mainland, but I am certain there is some amazing Turks and Caicos footage thanks to all the B-roll lists!

HGTV A Caribbean Life

HGTV A Caribbean Life

About Left/Right Inc:
The principals of Left/Right, Banks Tarver and Ken Druckerman, both
spent untold years on the front lines of documentary and reality production,
but fate — and a mafia princess — would bring them together. They first
joined forces as showrunners on the hit series Growing Up Gotti for A&E.
The premiere episode of Gotti received one of the highest ratings in the
network’s history, and was chosen as one of the 10 best shows of the year
by The New York Times — the only unscripted series to make the list.
Following this successful collaboration and the production of nearly thirty
episodes, Ken and Banks decided to get out of the freelance game and to
formalize their partnership by creating Left/Right.
Seven years and over 300 hours of television later, the partners can point
with pride to a diverse client base and a ridiculously eclectic mix of projects
that gives meaning to the company name: our projects span the creative
spectrum from Left…to Right. Past and present productions range from
This American Life, the Emmy award-winning television adaptation of the
popular public radio show (for Showtime)…to Mob Wives, the breakout hit
series for VH1 about a group of women who are married to the mob…to
Small Town Security (AMC), the surreal and stranger-than-fiction comedy
series about a family business like no other, to Hawaii Life (HGTV), the
highly-rated and highly-addictive real estate series that forces viewers to
ask themselves why they haven’t yet moved to Hawaii.
Whether you pronounce it ‘Ca-RIB-bean’ or ‘CARIBB-ean,’ one thing’s for
sure, island living is where it’s at! With the success of HAWAII LIFE,
HGTV now brings you the adventurous people who believe that ocean
breezes, white sandy beaches and the sounds of steel drums aren’t just for
the holidays but rather a place to call home. CARIBBEAN LIFE follows the
stories of everyday people who are packing up their regular lives and
diving into the warm waters of the Caribbean and the real estate
companies that help make this island-living a reality.


Ralph Lauren – Live in Color

Last fall I posted about Turks and Caicos Productions welcoming Ralph Lauren to the TCI for summer 2012 marketing campaigns.  Although we still patiently await those incredible images to publicly launch and debut the new season, here is a hint of the brightness and boldness to come.  Check out the LIVE IN COLOR video here.

Jockey shoot- Behind the Scenes

Last October, Turks and Caicos Productions welcomed jockey to TCI for their spring catalog shoot.   We were fortunate to move around to many beautiful locations from the gorgeous Regent Palms Resort, to Grace Bay Beach, to the private airport.

This crew was incredibly fun and the photographer, Dane Tashima, was such a breath of fresh air to work with; great attitude, great work ethic, great photographer!

Above snapshots and video from DesignerCorner/BehindTheScenes
Yesterday I was asked to speak to the kids at the Edward C. Gartland Youth Center for the Career Choices program.  Ruben, a cameraman from PTV, spoke about the world of television and news broadcasting and I followed up with information on commercial photography and photo production.  These kids were amazed at how many professionals it takes to make a single successful day in either of these professions; from Directors, to Stylists, to Talent, to Producers, to Technicians, not just the men and women behind the cameras!  
Check out highlights from the Career Choices program on WIV

Alloy Shoot 2012 – Grand Turk & Providenciales

Late in January Turks & Caicos Productions had the great pleasure of welcoming Alloy back to Turks and Caicos.  Known for youthful, flirty fashions we knew we were in store for some incredibly vibrant locations.
Here we are in no short supply of vivid colors; from turquoise oceans and royal skies . . .

to lemon and watermelon painted architecture.  We took Alloy to a wide variety of spaces and places,

from Americana classic,
to far eastern exotic, all within the 7 mile by 22 mile stretch of sand known as Providenciales.  Upon first introduction, I knew this crew was going to be a gas, (mind you not because of what we ate) due to the superb senses of humor of our cast and crew.  They were the perfect client to have the special opportunity to island hop and work in the capital island of Grand Turk.

Sure Grand Turk has the same crystal waters and stunning beaches, but there is a very different way here.  Grand Turk takes life easy, a no-stress no-hurry approach that one would expect in the Caribbean.  The people are extra friendly and full of character (like Jack, our wonderful taxi man conducting business by bicycle). Grand Turk is a place of history, and turn-of-the-century charm as evidenced by the pictorial gathered below.

It is a place where the tried and true methods of the past are still put into practice today.
It takes change in small strides.

It lets sleeping structures lie
until the appropriate person breathes them back to life.
It is a community that takes the time to chat

and leaves many open doors.

It honors it’s great landmarks.

and is home for so many adorable potcakes!,
and charmingly distressed old buildings,

and you just never know what you may find in any given alley.

Did I mention all the adorable potcakes?

We are thrilled we were able to take this great client to such a special spot.  Big thanks to Jack and the ladies of osprey beach hotel for unparalleled hospitality and a fabulous meal!

Special thanks to the man behind the The William Brown Project blog for sharing his enjoyment of Turks and Caicos with his readers and fans, of which I am now included.